Repent: Turn To God

June 8th, 2018

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Acts 26:12-23

The first step in repentance is turning to God. Through God’s amazing prevenient grace, we are called to repentance, but the act itself is on us. Of course we are enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit to recognize God’s call in the first place! Once we decide to turn to God, the Spirit of God empowers us to live a life of obedience. So you have repented? Praise God! Now, what are you doing? You desire to live in obedience? Wonderful! So, how are you living that out? There is a divine synergism between belief and action. They feed off of each other. Our faith enables our deeds (through the power of the Holy Spirit). And our deeds help strengthen our faith. They work together. Our deeds need not be in loudly announced in view of the whole world. Our deeds may be subtle and specific. Either way our deeds should always point others to God drawing them toward repentance as well.

Author: Carol Rittenhouse


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