It’s Not God’s Fault

June 5th, 2018

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Jeremiah 2:10-19

Our actions are not free of consequences. When reading through Jeremiah 2, one thing may be hard to discern but is abundantly clear: God is grieved. God is absolutely exasperated with the decision of Israel to reject God’s love and leadership, even his very presence, for the temporal and ineffective worship of other gods. At times we may tend to focus on God’s wrath or God’s anger at our disobedience and outright rejection. I am most struck, however, with God’s sadness at it. Over time the people of Israel came to believe they could do whatever they wanted without consequences. Their subtle rejections of God in small ways resulted in complete abandonment of God as Lord. We can easily fall into that same trap—we are “children of God” so what bad can happen? God will protect me! The story of Israel serves as an important warning to us. We must guard against the subtle slide into serving other gods.

Author: Carol Rittenhouse


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