We Are God’s Mouthpiece

June 2nd, 2018

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Acts 8:26-35

We are living in what is often called a post-Christian world. This simply means there are people who have no knowledge of God, except what they might get in the media. They are hungry for the Spirit but are looking in all of the wrong places. Culture today is indeed very spiritual but that does not mean it is Christian.

Philip was given an incredible opportunity. He encountered someone who was curious about God but had no idea how to interpret what he was reading. Philip was available when God called and he was obedient to God’s leading. With just a few words of invitation, he share the Gospel with the Eunuch “of great authority.” It is quite possible that God used the new-found understanding of the Scripture to spread the Gospel into parts of Ethiopia. Philip was not responsible for what the Eunuch did with the knowledge, but only for his part in sharing the good news. God has ways of spreading his Good News, and God uses our obedience to do it. We focus on obedience and let God take care of results.

Author: Carol Rittenhouse


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