God’s Banner Is Over Everyone

May 27th, 2018

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Isaiah 11:10-16

Exclusion is all too real for many people. We get cut from the team, left out of social plans, or passed over for a job or promotion. Some of us lose our homes and family relationships. We may even find ourselves wandering as refugees with no place to return to and no laws to protect us. We long for the comfort and safety of belonging. When we don’t have that, we may begin to doubt that God remembers or cares for us.

In Isaiah 11, we have a reminder that, in Christ, everyone belongs. The people of Israel had been living scattered among the nations for generations, and God promised that the Root of Jesse would gather them together and give them an identity, not to mention a place of rest.

All people who follow Christ are under the same banner of His love and protection. Not one of us is an outsider, and not one of us is forgotten. We may be excluded or rejected by the world, but we will always belong to God.

Author: Jen George


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