God Calls Women

May 16th, 2018

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Acts 16:1-15

Moved by the Spirit of God to go preach in Macedonia, Paul and Silas left Traos. On their travels they found themselves in Philippi, a Roman colony in Macedonia. Seeking a place of worship on the Sabbath, they go outside the city gate to the river. It is there that they meet Lydia, a fellow believer.

Lydia, a business owner and “worshipper of God,” is at the river, presumably worshipping. When Paul shows up, she and the other women listen to what Paul shares with them. Again, the Spirit of God moves and Lydia “opened her heart” in response to Paul’s message. As God continues to move, Lydia invites Paul to her home and the Gospel takes a foothold in Philippi.

God’s concern for the spread of the Gospel is not that the vehicle of the message conforms to the world’s standards. Rather, God uses the person with an open heart. Throughout the Scriptures, God calls men and women who will say “yes” to him. By the grace of Holy Spirit, God uses the willing heart.

Author: Stephanie Hendrickson


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