God Anoints Men And Women

May 15th, 2018

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Acts 2:14-21

The world had been turned upside down for the disciples. Failing to understand just how Jesus fit into their world before his death, they were trying to wrap their minds around what the Resurrection meant for their lives. After listening to the Resurrected Jesus, they witnessed his return to the Father, and returned to Jerusalem.

They waited. They prayed. And the Holy Spirit descended upon both the men and women, anointing them and birthing the Church. As they are anointed, the Holy Spirit empowers all the believers to speak in foreign languages—those that are represented by the people in Jerusalem. The people from foreign lands were able to hear the good news in their own language!

That day when Peter got up and preached, he shared a prophecy from Joel: men and women will be anointed and prophesy. God would not limit his work or his kingdom. The Holy Spirit empowers those open to Spirit’s guidance.

To those—men and women—who are open to God, God calls and anoints.

Author: Stephanie Hendrickson


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