Caring for Others

May 14th, 2018

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Mark 15:33-41

This was the lowest point in Jesus’ ministry: suffering and death on the cross. Mark tells the story in his characteristic, precise way. They wait in anticipation for something, or nothing, to happen.

Despite the horrific events unfolding, those who followed Jesus and cared for him were there. They were not able to simply turn away when trouble came: they had been the ones to care for Jesus during his ministry.

Caring isn’t always the easiest, most rewarding activity. Caregivers, those looking out for the needs of others, have to be intentional about making sure their needs are also met.

Caring for another goes beyond mere happy thoughts and an occasional favor. Caring puts the other person’s need ahead of your wants. It is no mistake that those who “cared for Jesus” were also those who “followed” him. Through the enabling of the Holy Spirit are we able to share God’s love and care for others.

Author: Stephanie Hendrickson


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