Faith Is Commitment and Community

April 25th, 2018

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Ruth 1:6-18

Ruth 1 is about the transforming power of community. Naomi, a foreigner in the land of Moab, found herself widowed and her sons dead. She was literally left with nothing- no land, no status, no family, and no hope. She began her return journey to Judah, presumably to beg for a living. She had nothing to offer her daughters-in-law if they came with her other than suffering, poverty, hunger, and bitterness.

Yet somewhere in the middle of the pain and hopelessness, Ruth came to a place where she decided that being with Naomi in Judah was better than being alone in Moab. Something about Naomi or the God she worshiped captivated Ruth, and their relationship transformed them both.

Ruth would go where Naomi went. Naomi’s God would be Ruth’s God. Come what may, they would face the future together.

It’s important to remember the scriptures tell the story of people walking the life of faith together. Faith is a commitment, and that commitment is meant to be made together.

Author: Mark Hendrickson

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