Peacemaking Is Humbling

April 19th, 2018

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1 Samuel 25:14-27

Whenever we encounter a person who views life differently than us, there is the opportunity for conflict. The fact that no two people in the world view life exactly the same means conflict exists all around us. The question is not whether we will face conflict, but rather, how will we respond to conflict when we do face it.

The very nature of conflict means there are two opposing sides that believe they are in the right. Peacemaking is the process by which those two opposing sides come together and agree on a position somewhere in the middle. If either side demands the other comes fully to their side, that is not peacemaking; that is conquering.

Peacemaking is humbling because it requires us to loosen our grip on what we think is right, no matter how justified we think we are, in order to take a step toward the other. Abigail’s actions in 1 Samuel 25 remind us that peacemaking is especially humbling when we are the first to take that step toward reconciliation. May we remember that we are not called to always be right.

Author: Grant Christy


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