God Welcomes Sinners

April 11th, 2018

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Joshua 6:15-25

Imagine the emotions felt by Rahab and her family as they were brought out of Jericho. Thankful that their lives had been spared, but also terrified at the sight of their home and everything they had ever known being utterly destroyed. The promise with the spies was to spare them from death, nothing more. What would they do now? They had their lives but no livelihood. Rahab would soon discover, however, that the God of Israel not only saves, but also restores.

To save humanity from death is not the full picture of God’s salvation. God did not rescue Rahab and her family from death so they could wander aimlessly through life, struggling to survive after the destruction of their past life. God rescued Rahab from death so that she may be restored to life within the community of God’s people. The compelling message of holiness is that salvation does not end when we have been rescued from death. God’s salvation carries us forward into new life where we can experience the fullness of what God intended.

Author: Grant Christy


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