Consequences: God’s Anger

April 4th, 2018

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Numbers 12:1-9

“The anger of the LORD burned against them, and he left them” (v. 9). If God were a human being we would maybe interpret this as petulance or an anger so great that He was afraid of losing control. God left rather than doing something He would regret. I believe the reality is more subtle and speaks to a need in every human. Being in the presence of God is a glorious, life-sustaining, privilege, and for Him to leave us is punishment.

Yes Miriam would also suffer for seven days because of her role in the event. She was subject to a very real humbling before the community, but the real punishment was the loss of intimacy with God, not the leprosy. Sin always separates us from God.

We are inclined to expect rewards of tangible, earthy things. We expect to have blessings of good lives, material wealth and sound health. God wants us to view His presence as the reward. He wants us to enjoy and rest in Him as our comfort and strength.

Author: Sean Carr

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