Our Comfort For Fear

March 22nd, 2018

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Psalm 23:1-6

As a young mother, Rachelle has come to realize that fear and anxiety have become an epidemic amongst her mom friends. It does not take long for women to shyly reveal that they struggle with worry, anxiety, and unfounded fears for their children, themselves, and their spouses. Life today runs rampant with worry and those selling a cure for it.

God has given us a way to deal with these things. Quoting Psalm 23 and replacing the personal pronouns with your own name is a great way to personally speak truth and God’s promises over your own anxious life. Isaiah 43 is another chapter that is good for dealing with fears and anxiety. Each time Isaiah says Jacob or Israel, it is empowering to insert your own name.

Conquering fear and anxiety is a bit like running a marathon. One does not simply wake up one morning able to run 26 miles—it takes training, practice, and discipline. Each day the runner practices, steadily pushing her body to be able to run a little bit farther. Overcoming fear and anxiety with God’s help is exactly the same.

Author: Rachelle Miller


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