Growing In God’s Presence

March 17th, 2018

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1 Samuel 2:12-21

In 1 Samuel 2, it says, “Eli’s sons were scoundrels” (v. 12). Scripture is very clear that these boys were evil. In contrast Samuel, who at this stage, hadn’t even truly encountered God.

Spiritual growth is generally the desire of many Christian’s hearts, and we often talk about being a “baby Christian” or a “mature Christian.” It is impossible to transition from that baby to a mature Christian unless we are found in the presence of our Lord, like Samuel. That includes being found in church, like Samuel, but church and God are not mutually exclusive.

It is easy to blame the busy pace of life or technology for our disconnect from God and his presence. However, could it be simply a complete lack of discipline? Hannah physically gave Samuel to the Lord—a real sacrifice. Samuel chose to continue to live in the presence of the Lord in the Temple. What are we intentionally choosing to do to ensure that we can spiritually grow up in the presence of the Lord?

Author: Rachelle Miller


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