It’s A Heart Thing

February 20th, 2018

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Joel 2:12-21

At times we feel ravaged, like someone impacted by a locust plague. It might be in our finances, health, or relationships. We question: What did I do to deserve this? Friends may assure us, “Bad things happen!” This may be true, but at times God uses difficulties to get our attention. Perhaps our hearts have wandered away from Him. If so, it is time to fall on our knees in repentance and beg God’s forgiveness.

We are to rend our hearts. In Israel, clothing was torn as a sign of deep grief. It signified the shedding of pride. God calls for a deeper expression, one that tears our “heart,” the hidden, deepest parts of ourselves. Then the Holy Spirit can reveal the idols that took God’s place. This allows God access to our most vulnerable parts, and this can be scary.

However, we can trust God. Rending our hearts assures a positive response from God. He will have pity on us and answer us and restore us (Joel 2:18-20). He will restore our joy if we call on His name with our whole hearts.

Author: Samantha Chambo


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