Release From Regret

February 10th, 2018

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1 John 1:1—2:2

The beautiful news of the gospel is so complete because it addresses areas of our wholeness that we may never have considered. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross did more than just remove the penalty for our iniquities. Christ actually abolished our sin and the power of death over us. He cancelled our guilt; He washed it and annulled it.

Any religion that does not address the guilt of humanity really does not set us free. Even in the church, some have used shame to control and to convince many while neglecting to preach the deepest truth about Christ’s sacrifice: That He died to release us from all the chains of death.

Today, Christ offers release from the regret of your past and the heaviness of your wrong choices. He offers you the best type of forgiveness: a forgiveness without conditions or strings. Christ, in His perfect love, offers to erase your guilt before the Father, but also to set you free from the heaviness of the sorrow of your sin. Live free today.

Author: Robin Radi


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