He Understands Our Need

February 8th, 2018

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Hebrews 7:20-28

My youngest has wanted a pet for a long time. In all truth, this is the furthest thing from my heart. When I hear the word “pet,” I translate it into the words, “more work”. Still, her grades deserve recognition. Her dream is to own a dog, but we’ve tried to convince her a hamster would be more appropriate. So, at this point, her request is a hamster, even though we know she would prefer a dog. In the end, we are getting her a dog!

How similar this is to what Christ does by the Holy Spirit. He knows the deep desire of our heart, and He knows our need. Even more, He knows what is best for us. When, in our ignorance, we pray for a dog, He whispers, “No, a hamster.” We pray for patience, and sometimes He gives us situations that build it! We pray for healing, yet sometimes He whispers, “Eternal life and freedom from pain.” We beg for justice, and Christ offers us mercy.

The secret is believing that God´s love for us is so great that His translations of our prayers are perfect.

Author: Robin Radi


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