For Our Justification

February 7th, 2018

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Romans 4:16-25

Right-standing is one definition of justification. We are considered “right” if we “measure up” to the standard set. It is ironic how I constantly try to reach perfection in my daily life. I struggle to find a balance between enjoying my day and being excellent in all areas. When I miss the mark, get sick, or simply collapse exhausted, I feel much less than justified.

What are we striving to earn? Of course we need to try our best in every task we are given, but when will we accept the high price our Lord paid on the cross for our justification? He was raised to life for our right standing!

By myself, I cannot adequately face my day with the discipline and perfection I desire. I hope to please Him, but too often I forget His presence, run ahead, and waste time on my blundering efforts. His acceptance of my weakness is transformational. I begin to understand that I only measure up when nestled in His presence.

Author: Robin Radi


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