February 5th, 2018

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Isaiah 52:11—53:3

One of my life’s major motivators has been gaining the esteem of others. What a disappointing ladder it has been to climb. All around, the main impulse I see promoted on television, magazines, and the Internet is the approval of others. Even money and fame seduce us because we assume that when we obtain them, we will be liked and accepted.

Christ demonstrated a different value system. Old Testament prophecy spoke of a nation despised and rejected by others (Isaiah 52–53). This prophecy foreshadowed the Messiah’s unique characteristics. Abused and marginalized, our Savior Jesus Christ never sought people’s approval. He knew the Scriptures. He was fully aware that His mission was to please His Father and not fulfill the expectations of others. This led to His crucifixion: an innocent hanging between two thieves.

This is the Christ we claim to follow and emulate. Shouldn’t my surrender as a true disciple of this hated and rejected man not challenge my need for approval?

Author: Robin Radi


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