Intimate Relationship Brings Authentic Worship

February 2nd, 2018

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Malachi 1:1-14

When serving the Lord becomes a duty instead of a pleasure, we risk making worship common and casual. Joy is a source of strength and power, but when we lose our joy, we become stingy, cheap, and measured. When our worship becomes monotony, we quickly forget to fear Him. If we serve God with religiosity and legalism, then we begin to give barely enough to get by–barely enough of our week (Sundays at best), barely enough of our offerings, barely enough of our service.

When the joy is sucked out of our relationship with the Lord, we get to a point where we deeply offend Him. It would be the same as if we gave our loved ones barely enough attention to maintain the status quo. We would very quickly lose intimacy with each other. We must find joy in our worship, seek His face, and relish His presence. When we do, others will see our joy and seek Him as well. We become fountains of water for those thirsty for authentic joyful worship.

Author: Robin Radi


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