God’s Work—Peace

January 26th, 2018

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Isaiah 26:12-21

One thing that seems to be missing in the world is peace. Whether personally or nationally, so many things cause unease. For many, there’s constant strife in personal and family relationships. Connect to the Internet, turn on the never-ending news station, or read the paper and there is real danger of losing hope. Still, there’s good news.

Isaiah 26:12 reminds us that God himself will establish peace for His people. Even though there are many who try to control, manipulate, make promises, and rule, He will have the final say. As a caterpillar transforms to a butterfly, His people’s sorrow will be turned to joy. In fact, Isaiah says that not even death can defeat God’s people. When all is said and done, those who mourn will sing. Even those whom death has silenced will rise and shout for joy!

In the restlessness and insecurity of this world, we have a promise: God is at work, and His work is peace!

Author: Billy Huddleston


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