Things Change, God Doesn’t

January 25th, 2018

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Isaiah 26:1-11

Things change. It seems that nothing lasts forever. Need proof? The evidence is everywhere, every day. Seasons change, bodies age, and there’s simply no stopping the steady march of time. It’s undeniable. This reality should stress the importance of not placing our trust in things. Because they’re temporal. In spite of this, so many look to them to bring happiness–but it never comes. You name it–meaning, security, peace, contentment–many believe that these all come from things. It’s a never-ending cycle that fails to produce the desired result. Why? Because things can’t provide what’s really meaningful in life.

Isaiah paints a beautiful picture of the promise for those who trust in God. The prophet reminds us that in a changing world, there are some things that are certain: Salvation, righteousness, and perfect peace for those who remain in God, the Rock eternal. In a world of change, stand on this Rock.

Things change. God doesn’t.

Author: Billy Huddleston


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