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January 21st, 2018

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Matthew 12:13-21

In Matthew 12, we read the story of a man with a shriveled hand. We don’t know much about him, but we can make some guesses: Only a few people made an effort to talk to him. Many looked away. Most tried to ignore him altogether and pretend he wasn’t there. Yet, the Pharisees tried to make an example of him. Drawing everyone’s attention to him, they asked Jesus if it was right to heal on the Sabbath or not. I can’t begin to imagine the man’s embarrassment as the religious elite created an awkward situation in an effort to trap Jesus.

Jesus knew they were attempting to trap Him, and in doing so, they were further marginalizing this man because of his disability. Jesus appealed to their own laws about pulling sheep out of pits, and pointed out that this man was worth much more than any sheep. In doing so, Jesus not only healed the man’s hand, He also restored the man’s humanity.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is about justice, reconciliation, mercy, and peace.

Author: Jonathan Twitchell

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