What’s The Condition Of Your Heart?

January 5th, 2018

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John 6:39-49

Good educators challenge us to become our best. I’ve had some teachers for whom I’ll forever be grateful. I had a college professor who gave me extra time when I struggled with a specific assignment. I still remember her kindness. I also had a teacher who allowed me to substitute what had been assigned and allowed me to create something else. I’ll never forget her inspiration that allowed my creativity to flow. I had another teacher who taught me that I could when I believed I couldn’t. I have taken the lessons learned from these precious educators and have woven them into my lifestyle.

But the best teacher I’ve ever had wasn’t limited to a classroom. In fact, He’s still teaching me. He pours His mercy over me when I don’t pass one of the tests of life. He heals my heart. He makes me more like Him. And as long as I maintain a teachable heart, God will be faithful to keep guiding. What’s the condition of your heart? Are you teachable?

Author: Susie Shellenberger


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