Beware of Your Pride!

January 4th, 2018

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Isaiah 5:20-30

“I was recognized a million times today. Even two casting directors said they were my fans.”

Celebrities often try to sound humble, but actually brag in the process. It’s exhausting and frustrating to be with someone who is prideful. Contrast that with someone who is genuine, humble, and sincerely concerned about others. It’s a world of difference, isn’t it?

We naturally want to be around people who aren’t braggarts. So why do people brag? Perhaps they’re socially inept, insecure, or simply want others to know about their success–even if they have to announce it themselves!

As much as we dislike being around people who toot their own horn, it frustrates God even more! In fact, Scripture tells us He actually hates pride. Isaiah 5:21 pronounces a woe on those who believe in their own wisdom. In other words, those who claim they can be wise without God quickly arouse His righteous anger against them.

The bottom line: We are not as strong as we often think we are.

Author: Susie Shellenberger


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