Accept My Words

December 30th, 2017

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John 12:37-50

There is a difference between hearing Jesus’ words and accepting them. Jesus is not looking simply for hearers of the word; He is looking for doers of the Word (see James 1:22). Throughout His ministry, Jesus made a distinction between those who hear His teachings, and those who put them into practice. The former are foolish, while the latter are wise. One group will find themselves barred from the kingdom of heaven, while the other will be given a warm welcome. There is no ambiguity in Jesus’ words. True faith is revealed through obedience, not through our ability to pass a pop quiz on correct doctrine.

It is a dangerous thing to attend church without any intention of doing anything with what we hear. It is a dangerous thing to read the Scriptures as an intellectual exercise rather than as an act of spiritual surrender. It is a dangerous thing to pray in order to bend God toward our will rather than to bend our hearts to God’s will.

Author: Albert Hung

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