Keep Watch

November 23rd, 2017

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Matthew 24:36-51

Jesus gave three illustrations to demonstrate the importance of keeping watch for the day of His return. The first illustration came from the story of Noah and the flood. Everyone but Noah and his family had turned their backs on God. When the flood came, only they were prepared. Noah did not know prior to God’s instructions that the flood would happen, yet he remained faithful to God and so he was forewarned.

The second illustration was of a homeowner preparing against theft. No one can predict when a thief will come, but we make preparations to keep them out. We lock our doors and set our alarm systems. The possibility of a thief breaking in influences what actions we take as precautions.

The last illustration was of a wicked servant caught in his wicked acts when his master returned unexpectedly. The good servant will not have to be concerned when the master will return because they will be doing what they should be doing, and will be rewarded for their faithfulness.

Author: Elizabeth Aliotta


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