Be Aware

November 21st, 2017

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Matthew 24:15-25

In the TV series Lie to Me, Dr. Cal Lightman uses facial expressions and body language to determine when someone is using deception. Everyone who interacts with Cal, from his employees to his young teenage daughter, can keep no secrets from him. He uses his talents to discover the truth in criminal cases.

In Matthew 24, Jesus warned His disciples multiple times about false prophets who would seek to deceive “even the elect” (v. 24). It can be difficult to determine when someone is trying to be deceptive, but there are some indications of lying that are hard to miss. Many will claim the Messiah has come and false prophets will perform great miracles. However, these false prophets may avoid answering the question of whether or not they were sent by the Father.

It can be difficult to avoid being deceived, especially by very practiced liars. However, it is important to search for the truth. Jesus provided a warning to prevent His disciples from being led away from the truth. It is best to keep watch to avoid deception.

Author: Elizabeth Aliotta

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