The Ultimate Antidote

November 13th, 2017

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Isaiah 52:1-12

One would never keep the discovery of an antidote that could save the life of every person on the planet a secret. The distribution of this antidote would bring widespread hope to the world as well as fame to the one who designed it. In a similar way, those who spread the news of the redemptive plan of God bring Him glory. Isaiah goes as far as to call the feet of such messengers “beautiful.”

For the Israelites, this message was that God had been victorious over Babylon. They could depart from the land and the unclean culture that had slowly been poisoning them and return to relationship with God. It was a temporary taste of what was to come.

Today, we are armed with the ultimate antidote: God’s final design for human restoration. Jesus’ death and resurrection provides a way for the human race, which was doomed to an existence separated from God, to be restored to what it was originally created to be. This message is free and available to anyone who will receive it.

Author: Renée Devault


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