Godliness And Contentment

August 21st, 2017

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1 Timothy 6:3-10

The key to contentment is not to be found in material wealth. In Paul’s day false teachers used their religious profession as a means to financial gain. Paul warns Timothy against their influence and about the dangers associated with making the pursuit of wealth the objective of life. Those who love money are led away from their faith and they are unable to find contentment always desiring more. Instead, Timothy is encouraged to pursue that which is of greater value, godliness marked with contentment.

The key to contentment in this life is to rely upon God for everything we need. Godliness marked with contentment is impossible without the assurance that comes from God’s provision. We are challenged like Timothy to live in daily trust and dependence upon the One who is able to provide what we truly need.

When we place our trust in God we are able to live content in any circumstance we may face, because we know that He will provide.

Author: Stuart Williams

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