Stumbling Stone Free Life

August 3rd, 2017

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2 Corinthians 6:1-13

I’m convinced what others see me doing is more influential than the words I say. They are more likely to be drawn to Christ by what they see if my actions match my words. Conversely, they are also more likely to stumble over what they see–if they see the Christ follower not doing the Christ-like thing.

I’m persuaded that parent, teacher, leader–the life you live is more influential than the lessons you teach. How your students see you react, and how you treat them and others impacts them more than you can imagine.

What others see when we are facing crises; when dealing with the irritations of life, when stressed out is more influential–should I dare say–than when we pray with them. Oh, I absolutely think we should do that–but strictly talking about how we personally influence and impact others–it’s our example, it’s what they see.

If we are living in the Spirit we will be empowered to live the stumbling-stone-free-life.

Author: Fred Prince


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