Don’t Be A Stumbling Block

July 5th, 2017

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Romans 14:5-18

In almost every sport, whether amateur or professional, there are rules against tripping opposing players. It doesn’t matter whether the trip is accidental or intentional; tripping an opponent is not permitted, and if caught, a penalty is incurred. Tripping is something that just is not done!

In Romans 14, Paul cautions us against tripping, or putting a stumbling block, in the way of a fellow believer. As with sports, so it is in our Christian lives–putting a stumbling block in the way of another just is not done! Yet how often do we see this happening around us, and how often are we guilty of doing it?

Paul reminds us that we are not all the same. Some are farther along in their faith journey than others. We are not all of the same culture. We have different perspectives on various issues, and yet we may all love the Lord and seek to serve Him. Love must take first place. Love makes us sensitive to our brothers and sisters in Christ. If we love, we will not judge, and we will not allow our freedom in Christ to become a stumbling block in the way of another.

Author: David Restrick


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