Dare To Be Daniel

June 25th, 2017

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Daniel 6:1-14

In Daniel 6 the prophet found himself in a tough spot. His faithfulness to God had caused him to catch the attention of King Darius. Though he was a slave, Daniel had risen to the second highest post in the land, second only to the King. Those around him, in jealousy, conspired to bring Daniel down. They went to the King and massaged his ego, convincing him to declare that for a 30-day period everyone in the land must pray only to the King. Anyone who prayed to another would be thrown to the hungry lions.

It’s interesting to note Daniel’s character. Daniel shows no concern or panic when he learns of the King’s edict. Instead, he simply goes home and openly prays, “Just as he had done before” (Daniel 6:10b).

Daniel trusted God’s sovereignty, knowing that even if he were caught and convicted, God would be glorified. There was more to Daniel than outward show. No hypocrisy. Nothing fake. Only deep trust and obedience to God. Can we dare to be a Daniel as well?

Author: Curtiss A. Hartley


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