Worries, Wealth and Wants

June 21st, 2017

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Mark 4:10-20

Jesus often used agricultural images to describe the Kingdom of God to those listening to Him. In the parable of the Sower (Mark 4), Jesus told how the Word of God could be sown into the lives of people and bear fruit.

In Jesus’ time, farmers scattered seed from a pouch slung over their shoulder, and as He tells it, eventually some seed took deep root and produced a fruitful crop. Some seed, however, fell on the path where it never took root. Other seed fell among rocks where it could never grow strong roots. Still other seeds seemed full of hope and promise, taking root and springing up, but nearby thorns choked out the plants, so they never thrived or produced fruit.

Some people are like that, Jesus said. They hear the God’s Word and it appears there is hope and promise, as the Word takes root. Sadly, the thorns of worry, wealth, or wants crowd out the plant, and soon there is no life. A plant that bears no fruit is worthless, destined for destruction. May we avoid the thorns of worry, wealth, and want, so that our lives bear fruit for Jesus.

Author: Curtiss A. Hartley


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