Enhancing and Illuminating

June 4th, 2017

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Matthew 5:1-16

The adult Sunday School class I am privileged to teach is named the “Salt and Light” class. They are a remarkable group from a wide variety of backgrounds. Yet, we all have a remarkable hunger to learn and live out the truth of God’s Word. Though very different we are all “Salt and Light.”

It is easy to read the beatitudes as a sort of spiritual menu: “I’ll take a big helping of mercy, with a side of meekness, and a tall glass of pure in heart.” No, it doesn’t work that way. The beatitudes aren’t designed to gratify our spiritual yearning du jour. They are a description of what it means to be like Christ in the world: to live out life with its struggles and sacrifices as those who are part of His “inbreaking kingdom.”

Among other things, salt enhances the flavor of food and can also be a preservative. Light illuminates the darkness and nourishes life. Each is transformational, which is what we as Christ’s followers are to be in our world.

Author: Duane Brush


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