Selling Jesus

March 20th, 2017

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Matthew 26:14-30

Judas has a unique status in the Bible. He is known as one of “the Twelve.” Yet, Judas desired to betray Jesus, selling Him for the price of a slave. Why?

Was Judas greedy? Did he want the money? John 12:6 tells us that Judas was a thief and used to help himself to what was put in the money bag. The Greek for “to help himself” denotes, “to habitually carry off the money.” Money was somehow important to Judas.

Was Judas prejudiced? Judas Iscariot was from Kerioth, a city in Judea. The other eleven disciples were from the Galilee region. Jews from Judea thought themselves to be purer than those from Galilee. Galilean Jews where looked down on as second-class Jews by Jews from Judea. Had Judas had enough of these Galileans?

Was Judas in denial about Jesus being the Messiah? After all Jesus did not destroy the Romans, He did not eradicate evil.

Whatever the circumstances, let us not sell out Jesus.

Author: Ann Hallyburton


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