A New Song

March 19th, 2017

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Psalm 98:1-9

If you listen to the conversations of music lovers, one question is sure to come up: “Have you heard the new single by [fill in the name of a favorite artist]?” We’re interested in their music. We follow their offerings religiously. We wait eagerly for a new release, a new song.

Psalm 98 has been described as a “Coronation Hymn.” It looks forward into the future when the King of Glory will come to judge the earth. It pictures a time when the righteousness of the Lord is revealed to the nations. It’s a day celebrated by the nation of Israel. God has faithfully remembered His people according to His steadfast love. It’s an offering of praise and worship to the Mighty King! God has worked miraculously; His mighty power and His holiness have accomplished salvation.

The songs of this world can’t begin to compare with the playlist of heaven! There, we will join together and sing a new song, one composed especially for heaven’s conquering King!

Author: John Rabo


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