“Trust” Factor

March 13th, 2017

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Acts 8:26-40

Remember the television show Fear Factor? Contestants faced fear-inducing challenges. To claim the prize, they had to boldly overcome their fears. In life, we also confront challenges, and we also have a choice–be paralyzed by fear or radically trust the Lord.

Israel had every right to be fearful. Their small nation was eclipsed by empires and buried in sands of insignificance. In Isaiah 25, the prophet paints a vivid picture of those who place their trust in the Lord. Isaiah directs “all people” to consider the day when God would “swallow up death forever” (v. 8). They will rejoice because God will “wipe away their tears” (v. 7). Isaiah’s visions and words satisfied a spiritual longing and strengthened Israel’s trust in the Lord.

Trusting the Lord leaves no room for fear. Trust is pregnant with expectancy, giving birth to hope. This hope, nourished by trust, finds its fulfillment in the salvation of God.

Author: John Rabo


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