Divine Appointment

March 12th, 2017

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Acts 8:26-40

Our calendars are crowded with appointments. Some are necessary, like those that are work-related. Some are routine, such as a haircut. And some are just plain fun, like fishing or golf. A concern here would be: Are we allowing life, even church, to dictate our daily agenda? Is there no room for any divine appointments the Holy Spirit might make for us?

The sensitivity and obedience Philip demonstrates in Acts 8 is both challenging and convicting. Led by the Spirit, he crossed paths with someone searching for spiritual answers. It’s sobering to note the effort expended by Philip, such as running to meet this seeker. His diligence was rewarded and he was invited into the Ethiopian’s chariot. Philip answered this man’s questions and shared the gospel, and faith took hold in the life of a new believer!

Is your calendar open to events engineered by the Holy Spirit? Are you agreeable when God adds activities to your already full day? Someone’s salvation might be depending on it.

Author: John Rabo


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