Who Is Greater?

March 3rd, 2017

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Luke 22:17-23

Housed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is a remarkable piece of ancient art. It is a shield-shaped flat stone called “Narmer’s Palette.” Just over two feet tall, it is engraved on both sides with Egyptian hieroglyphics and figures. It depicts Narmer, identified by some as Pharaoh Menes, the first ruler of unified Egypt (31st century BC). It may be one of the oldest historical document in the world.

The one wearing a crown on both sides of the stone is Narmer. He is depicted defeating his foes, treading over their bodies and the broken walls of their cities. The political message is quite clear: Narmer is large and in charge; don’t mess with him!

Jesus turned all this traditional human pomp and blustering on its ear. He chose the role of a servant and advised His followers to do the same. Narmer may have his name and image carved on stone, but Jesus has His name written on the hearts of countless millions. In them, He is reproducing His image–the image of one who serves.

Author: Duane Brush


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