Search and Worship

December 19th, 2016

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Matthew 2:1-12

In Matthew 2, King Herod felt threatened; he did not want to share his throne with the true Messiah. The magi came to Jerusalem because they assumed that Jesus would be born in a palace. They continued actively searching for Jesus for the purpose of worship–even when it meant going to a small town to find Him–not in a palace, but in a humble situation.

As we go through our day, are we actively seeking to find Jesus? Or, do we only go to worship Him at church on Sunday, the expected place to find Him? Do we persevere enough to search for Jesus in any situation, even though it might not seem fitting or make sense?

Maybe you are struggling with a relationship, finances, or health issues. You could be trying to find Jesus in the midst of the chaos. Be diligent, just like the magi; don’t give up searching for Him in your situation. When you find Him, remember, just like the magi, bow down to Him, give Him your heart of worship, and know that He is the true King.

Author: Darlene Harvey


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