Levels of Trust

November 23rd, 2016

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Psalm 40:1-11

Even though the definition of trust is similar in different cultures, our trust may be challenged differently. In developing countries, many believers must depend on God for daily provisions and safety. When I was growing up in Brazil, my family experienced many occasions when we relied on God for our needs. It was unsettling at times, but we can testify to the power of God’s intervention whenever we chose to trust Him.

Regardless of where we were born or our social status, God still gives us many opportunities to strengthen our trust in Him. Our problem is that we are too often prone to pride and self-reliance. Because many of us can supply our own needs, it takes a conscious choice to allow God to display His power. No matter what material blessings we enjoy, we all have areas where we need God’s help.

In what areas should we step back and let God intervene? He is still the same–eager to show His glory and to bless us in the same way He blessed Abraham, Moses, and David.

Author: Marci Mattoso



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