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November 22nd, 2016

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2 Samuel 24:11-25

The first sacrifice offered to God was made by Abel in Genesis 4. Sacrifices then were not mandatory and were most likely a demonstration of gratitude and worship. Abel offered the most acceptable sacrifice because he gave in faith from his very best. In the time of King David, the purpose of a sacrifice was to receive forgiveness and avoid the deserved penalty. David knew he deserved great punishment for displaying a lack of trust in God, and as a sign of repentance and gratitude he was not only willing but eager to pay the price. He refused to allow another to pay the price for a sacrifice on his behalf.

The ritual of sacrifices are no longer required because Jesus, our Sacrificial Lamb, offered himself for our sins. Yet, what acts of gratitude can we offer today to show our appreciation to God for all He has done? Making a conscious decision to do whatever it takes to please Him in our daily lives seems to be a great start.

Author: Marci Mattoso


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