Moving God’s Heart

November 21st, 2016

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2 Samuel 24:1-10

There is something about confessing sin that sets heaven in motion on our behalf. It somehow moves the very heart of God and compels Him to extend His mercies. In psychology, admission of a wrongdoing is recognized as crucial to the process of healing. As a pastor and counselor, I have seen relationships mended and lives transformed by the simple act of owning one’s mistakes.

In 2 Samuel 24, it is not exactly clear why God’s anger burned against Israel; however, King David’s behavior may have been a snapshot of the nation’s sin. David decision to take a census of men of fighting age seems to show signs of pride and a tendency to trust in human power. As a result, they were all in great danger. Even though Israel suffered consequences, by acknowledging and confessing his sin David touched the heart of God and restored God’s favor on Israel.

No matter what we have done, when God hears our confession He extends His mercies and forgiveness.

Author: Marci Mattoso

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