God Provides

October 23rd, 2016

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Psalm 34:1-14

A water pipe burst and we had to rip up all the floors in our house. The entire contents of our home were frantically packed and thrown into storage units until the work of restoration could be completed. During this time, our family of seven lived a bit of a nomadic life–staying here and going there. Just about every day, one of the kids would ask about an item they forgot. Our standard line was, “It’s probably in storage. You’ve survived this long without it; it’s obviously not that important.”

It’s amazing how much we add to our lives. I like my “stuff,” but I’m learning that the most important things in my life aren’t things at all; they’re people. The family and friends I share life with are the most valuable to me. Too often, we believe the lie of scarcity–that we need more to fulfill us, essentially saying that God is not enough. When I am tempted to believe that lie, I will remember that God has given us all a wealth of blessings in our relationships. He knows what we need and supplies it all.

Author: Matt Hastings

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