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October 20th, 2016

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1 Chronicles 15:25—16:4

I have a friend who builds and collects model cars. He spends his day off in his garage. He turns off his phone, puts on his overalls, and walks into his shrine. It sounds silly to most people, but it’s deeply meaningful to him. It’s actually good for him. One day, he was explaining the different makes and brands of each car. He launched into a long explanation of the strict adherence to a certain kind of glue. My eyes glazed over and he knew it.

Honor begins in our hearts and speaks to the value that we place on something or someone. My friend loves model cars, but he also loves God. In fact, he uses that time to pray, think, and reflect on the week. He spends his time with God while he builds model cars. I think it’s beautiful. He loves this time and protects it.

God deserves a place like that in our hearts–where we intentionally take time to turn to Him. Let’s give Him the honor He is due.

Author: Matt Hastings

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