Our First Resort

October 19th, 2016

RG AUDIO 101916


1 Chronicles 15:1-4, 11-16

I was sitting in a community meeting of Christian women and men. We were discussing the mission of the organization. We had strategized, planned, and worked to execute those plans, but things weren’t turning out in our favor. We were all frustrated and tensions were running high. One of the men spoke up. “We’ve done all we can do! We’ve got experts of business and finance here; we’ve just got to let them do their jobs. But, I guess we could pray, right?” They all turned to me and the chairperson asked me to pray. “Lord, forgive us for using You as our last resort . . . .”

We all do it, don’t we? We go down our list and exhaust our resources, and when we can’t do anymore, we pray. Prayer should be our first agenda item. When we pray, we seek God’s direction, not our own. When we reach out to God, our desires become His and we change. Let’s decide to go to God before we make choices in our lives. Seek Him first!

Author: Matt Hastings


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