Trusting God Completely

September 27th, 2016

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1 Samuel 1:21-28

At age 20, Kari found herself married with a son. Unfortunately, the marriage ended and through a long legal battle, her husband retained custody of their son. Kari trusted that God would be with her son and provide him with what she could not. It would be 17 years before she would speak to him again. Every day, she prayed for him, missed him, and loved him.

Hannah gave her son to serve in the house of the Lord, giving Samuel back to God who blessed her with him in the first place. During Kari’s time away from her son, she knew that she had to rely on the Lord. She remembered that God has plans for each of us, and sometimes the journey is heartbreakingly different from what we think it ought to look like.

Sometimes, parents place children before everything, even God. This is a common, yet lethal, mistake. As much as we love our children, God loves them more. Our children are God’s children first. He created each of us. Love God first, and then people. Hannah placed God first, and all other things after that.

Author: Kari Rudd

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