An Appropriate Sense of Place

September 17th, 2016

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Judges 8:22-35

I once heard the story of a child who was afraid in a storm. His mother went to his room to comfort him, but he was afraid to have her leave. She reminded him that God would watch over him. “But,” he said, “I want somebody with skin on!”

Israel was like that. God wanted to be their king, but they pleaded for a human king. After Gideon’s victory, the people wanted him to establish a royal dynasty, but Gideon knew better. He was also humble enough and wise enough not to fall into the trap of fame, place, or position. He understood that God desired to be their king. Eventually, God would reluctantly give in and let them have a king, but that didn’t work out very well, just as God had warned them.

It is still an insidious temptation for us to allow someone or something other than God to rule in our lives, relationships, values, and loyalties. It is also tempting for us to rule over our selves or others. We must remember that if we allow any other “king” in our lives, it will inevitably lead to chaos. Jesus is Lord!

Author: John M. Nielson

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