The Rediscovered Word

September 10th, 2016

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2 Kings 22:8-20

There were a mixture of good and bad kings before Josiah became king of Judah at age eight. At 18, he began calling on his people to turn away from their idols and return to the worship of God. He ordered the temple restored and the sacrifices reinstated. In the process, workers discovered the Scriptures, which had been lost in the temple: unread, unknown, and un-honored. When it was read to the king, he wept for himself and his people and revival began.

Josiah sent the high priest to ask the prophet Huldah to seek a message from God. Huldah relayed God’s message that while His anger burned against the people, because of Josiah’s repentance, the coming judgment would be delayed until after his death.

It is tragic when God’s Word is lost, especially in God’s house or among God’s people! We must not listen to the siren songs of our culture. When we come to His house, we must listen to His Word and be obedient.

Author: John M. Nielson


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