Give Him The Glory

September 7th, 2016

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Judges 4:1-13

Deborah is identified as a “prophet” who led Israel during the period of Judges. She resolved disputes and gave God’s message to the nation and to individuals. She is an example of the role of women as servants of God’s kingdom.

In Judges 5, we have the song of Deborah and Barak, poetically celebrating the events of chapter 4. In that song, Deborah underscores the important contributions of the judges God had raised up; yet, the ultimate hero of this history was God himself. Fourteen times Deborah refers to Yahweh by name and gives the glory to Him.

When we are in trouble, we, like Israel, should cry out to the Lord. Now, as then, He will provide. He will use His servants, His Word, and His church to minister to us. When God delivers, we must give Him the credit and praise and not claim it for ourselves. While giving gratitude to His servants, we must remember that it is ultimately God who gets the glory.

Author: John M. Nielson

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